Pastor Dave is a product of south central Iowa. He was born, raised, and educated in a region known as ‘lapland”. Decatur County is that part of God’s country where Iowa laps over into Missouri and Missouri laps over into Iowa. It was there that he struggled with a severe drug problem (every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night he was drug to church). After his graduation from Central Decatur Community High school he attended several colleges, and after receiving a B. S. and an M. A from what is now Truman State University, he set out on a teaching career in Missouri and Iowa. After eight years of teaching science from a biology book, in which he ignored all the evolution pages, and coaching varsity football, he answered the call to preach the gospel. For nearly forty years he has pastored and preached Jesus Christ in churches from North Dakota to Bolivia. He and Linda, his wife of over fifty years, are the parents of four children and sixteen grandchildren. In a time of his life when he thought he would spend his days drowning worms and riding the equestrian trails of Iowa and Missouri, God has put a passion in his heart and a vision in his head for the Bar None Cowboy church. If you happen to run into this somewhat strange preacher man and notice slobber drippin’ down his chin, it’s because he is chompin’ at the bit and can’t wait to hear Brooke Turner say: “SADDLE UP EVERYBODY IT’S TIME FOR COWBOY CHURCH”.